As with most galleries, all our art is sold on commission. That means the artists take home a percentage of the sale, while a percentage returns to the gallery to cover business expenses. Keep this in mind when you are considering the price of a piece of art, along with the fact that the materials cost money and the artist poured time, emotion, energy, and feeling into their art. The price of the art is not what the artist thinks you will be willing to spend, it is what they have to be offered to convince them to give up a part of themselves.

Don’t be scared away by any prices listed on our art. Come talk to us about the pieces you’re interested in, and we can negotiate. As passionate as our artists are about their work, they also realize a need for flexibility. So make us an offer on a piece you love, and we’ll try to help you out.

If we cannot come to an agreement on price, or if you love the style of a particular artist, most are willing to work on commission. You may be able to get a similar work in a larger or smaller size to fit within your price range. You can request a totally custom piece from the artist of your choice and they will work with you on pricing, sizing, color, and content.