One of the main goals of Two-Tone Art Gallery is to promote local artists. We are proud of all the talent Middle Tennessee has to offer and want to showcase it to the best of our ability. That being said, here are some questions you need to answer before you contact us about promoting your work:

  1. Are you from the Middle Tennessee area (Murfreesboro/Nashville especially)?
  2. Is your stuff really really cool/unique/interesting?
  3. Can you be clever enough to persuade us to showcase what you have?

If you can answer “Yes!” to at least two of those questions, then by all means hop on over to our artist submission page and submit your work! We’ll pimp you out on our Facebook page and gladly display your art in our gallery. If you cannot, don’t give up! Work hard, improve yourself (yes, moving to Middle Tennessee is an improvement!) and submit when you can.

There is no fee to display art at a collaborative show, but the gallery will receive a commission off any items sold. The commission fluctuates based on the amount of art you sell. We want you to be motivated to create art that sells, so the more you sell the higher of a percentage you will receive.

We try to keep our prices reasonable – the largest and most elaborate pieces should max out around $200, with average prices staying under $100. We will gladly display more involved works, in the $400 to $500 range, but our clientele consists mainly of college students who will not be able to afford such high prices. You can use  your more expensive pieces to showcase your talent, which may lead to requests for custom, more affordable, work.

If you have any questions, please email us at
If you want to submit an application to show your art in the gallery, visit our artist submission page for more information.

We also rent out our space to individual artists or artist groups for shows. If you would like more information about having your own show, please email us at