At Two-Tone we prefer to focus on collaborative shows. Sometimes themed, sometimes not, we gather piecesĀ from as many artists as possible to display a broad rangeĀ of styles. These shows are a great chance to see the variety Middle Tennessee has to offer.

At the end of a collaborative show we put on a silent auction, giving customers one last chance to purchase art, meet artists, and enjoy a local musician. We strongly encourage all artists who have displayed at the gallery to attend these events as a chance to meet potential clients.

Bidding on art:

  1. All the art will be labeled with a number.
  2. Once you’ve found a piece (or several) you are interested in, register your name and phone number with a Two-Tone employee.
  3. You will receive a ticket – use the last three digits on your ticket to place your bid(s).
  4. There will be a listing of all the art up for auction. Find the number of the piece you’re interested in and place your bid.
  5. If you are the first to make a bid, please be reasonable. We have no minimum bid requirements, but an artist can turn down your offer.
  6. If you are not the first to bid, your bid must be larger than the current highest bid.
  7. If you need to leave before the auction is over, let an employee know. We will monitor any bids you have made and can call or text you if someone out-bids you. You can then counter over the phone.
  8. Once the auction is over, we will consult with the artists on the winning bids. If they accept the highest offer, we will contact the winner and set up an appointment for you to come pick up your art.